“For decades, Pittsburgh’s riverfronts were used as transportation corridors for industrial production, and the land surrounding them did not connect to our communities. Today we recognize the riverfronts as our most treasured assets that have tremendous potential to improve our quality of life. We now have the opportunity to reconnect our neighborhoods, reclaim these waterways as amenities, and provide new venues for recreation.”
- Mayor Luke Ravenstahl

The Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan seeks to achieve this by creating a comprehensive and unified vision for the redevelopment of 6.5 miles of the Allegheny’s south shore stretching from 11th Street in the Strip District to Highland Park and a small area on the north shore at the 16th Street bridge. The study area involves hundreds of parcels, both publicly and privately owned. The project will examine ecological systems, market-based land uses, neighborhood connections, open space, infrastructure and pedestrian and transit opportunities.

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